Wen-Ching Winnie Li
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics,
Penn State University

This conference is part of the regional research conference series sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. The conference will consist primarily of ten lectures given by Wen-Ching Winnie Li, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University. The lectures will be delivered over the five days of the conference and will compare similarities and dissimilarities between combinatorial and number-theoretic zeta functions. Explicit constructions for Ramanujan graphs and expanders will be discussed, highlighting applications of number theory to graph theory. Recent results will also be presented illustrating applications of combinatorics to number theory. As with other NSF-CBMS conferences, the intent of the conference and the expected monograph based on the conference lectures is to present the major ideas, recent results, and possible future directions for cutting-edge topics. A major goal of the series is to ensure that participants, especially new or recent arrivals to the research area, gain an understanding of the major outstanding problems and current directions of the field.

Notes for the conference. A preliminary version of notes from the conference lectures can be accessed through Dropbox. Please email Mike Barrus at barrus@math.byu.edu to request an invitation to view the notes. Please look over the notes and let us know if you spot any errors or would like to suggest helpful additions.