Exam Replacement Policy

I will replace the lowest exam score with your grade on the final exam (if your final exam grade is higher), provided you do the following by the last day of class (Thursday, 9 Dec).

  1. Complete all the homework for the semester (this means I need a score for you for every assignment, including handouts). Come see me if you want to know if I have a score for you for every assignment.

  2. Hand in all your quiz corrections until you have all the points possible for each quiz. If you miss a quiz, print it from the course website and treat the quiz as though you missed every problem. You will get some credit for quizzes that you missed.

  3. Hand in all your writing assignment corrections until you have all points possible for each writing assignment. I will not require the writing assignment corrections for writing assignments 3 and 5, but you must have completed and have a score for these. (I would suggest doing corrections for assignments 3 and 5, however).

  4. Hand in "test recorrections" for all your exams. Go through your exams and recorrect the problems like you would recorrect missed problems on quizzes. Remember, you need to do this for all the exams. Since the answers to the exams are posted, you'll need to show complete work and explain why you originally did the problem incorrectly.

  5. Complete an extra assignment for the exam you want replaced. The assignment will come out of the booklet which contains old final exams. We have compiled them all into one big handout (old-finals.pdf) and takes 28 pages to print. You might consider printing multiple pages on each sheet. Larger versions of each file are located on the math departments webpage, but it takes over 112 pages to print them all. You will want to complete these assignments during the final weeks of the course, when there will be a reduction in the amount of homework due.

These are the extra assignment problems. You will need to print 64/4 = 16 pages (double-sided) to get all of the problems up through page 64.

Exam replacement problems