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Table Mountain Hike

Table Mountain with the Grand Teton in the distance

View from far away. Table mountain is the flat spot directly below the Grand Teton.

View of trees and valley from trail

This is a really pretty hike.

View of valley and grassy meadow from trail

Lots of switch-backs to get to this point.

The ridge of Table Mountain

Once you get to the ridge, it's pretty easy for a while.

View of the top of table mountain

At this point, it gets tough. Imagine--you're close to 11k feet, you've done 5 miles uphill, and this is deceptively steep. To get an idea of the scope of the peek, look closely and you can see people at the top.

Kyle and Jeff at the top of Table Mountain

Kyle and I are finally at the top!!!! This is 500 feet lower in elevation than the lower saddle of the Tetons, and 2600 feet below the summit of the Grand.

View of the rocky top portion of the Grand Teton

This view of the Grand makes it worth it, although there were moments of doubt along the way.

View to the west of Table Mountain. You can see a valley peeking between two mountain slopes.

Here's the view to the West (other way).

Pictures: Courtesy of Kyle Taylor and nice lady who took picture of Kyle and me at summit.