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Day 2

Glacier in a rock meadow

Up and Adam, it's 5:30am, and we're ready to go to the "Lower Saddle".

View of Table Mountain with blue skies stretching as far as you can see.

From the Lower Saddle, here's the view of Table Mountain (see Table Rock Hike).

Tall rocky ledge.

Now we look ahead to the next part of the climb, "The Spires". It's important to note that we can't even see the peak from here...kinda depressing actually. Remember that we're at 11,600 feet, we have 2100 feet to go, and it's hard to breathe.

Jeff walking across a rocky mountain ridge.

This is really brutal hiking. It's steeper than it looks and with all the rocks, it's hard on your joints.

Jeff sitting at the top of a rocky crevice holding a rope for Andrew to climb up.

Finally we reach the point where the hike is over and the climb begins. We harness up and Andrew leads the first pitch. We leap frog here to the third pitch, where I belayed Andrew, who was heading up a chimney.

Jeff is standing at the bottom of a cliff looking up at Andrew who is already at the top.

We lost the trail and traversed the entire West face and wound up on the tail end of the Exum ridge. Now we wait in line as the climbers ahead finish up.

There were three pitches that were non-trivial on our route. This was one of them.

Andrew and Jeff sitting at the top of the mountain with a beautiful view of other mountains and valley behind them.

Alas, we summited!!!! We got cooked out there. When we awoke that morning at 4:30am, it was way too cold to consider putting on sunscreen. Bad Call. I peeled for 2 weeks.

Jeff rapelling down a cliff face while Andrew looks on.

Whatever goes up must come down. One of the highlights of the whole trip was the 120 foot repel taking us to the Owen Spalding Route. Here's Andrew on his way down...

Jeff standing in the middle of a rocky outcropping posing for the picture.

This is such rugged terrain, it's really painful to descend, both mentally and physically.

Pictures: Courtesy of Andrew Teasdale (mostly).