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Summer 2008 Math 513R 001

What, When, and Where:

Course Description:

Second IMPACT Boot Camp Course: Linear Algebra, Optimization, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Systems

Lectures and Labs:

MWF 10:00a - 11:50a 299 TMCB (Lectures)
TuTh 10:00a - 11:50a 244 TMCB (Labs)


Blake Barker
TMCB 340

Jeffrey Humpherys
TMCB 306

Brent Kerby
TMCB 260

Jeremy West
TMCB 270

Lab Instructors

Tina Burton
McKay Heasley
Spencer Patty

Office Hours:

MWF 03:00p-05:00p (in room of above instructor who lectured that day)

Grading Scheme:

100% Homework Assignments

Course Schedule: (subject to change)

Jun 22 Inner Product Spaces, Review: Definitions, Orthogonal Sets
Jun 24 Inner Product Spaces, Review: Gram-Schmidt, Norms
Jun 26 Inner Product Spaces, Review: Fundamental Subspaces, Projectors, Least Squares

Jun 29 Spectral Theory: Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Diagonalization, Hermitian Matrices
Jul 01 Spectral Theory: Positive Definite Matrices, SVD, Jordan Forms

Jul 06 Optimization: General Optimization, Linear Programming, Simplex Method
Jul 08 Optimization: Simplex Method Continued
Jul 10 Optimization: Convex Analysis

Jul 13 Optimization: Convex Optimization, Unconstrained
Jul 15 Optimization: Unconstrained Continued
Jul 17 Optimization: Equality Constrained

Jul 20 Optimization: Inequality Constrained
Jul 22 Optimization: Inequality Constrained Continued, Mixed Nonconvex

Jul 27 Dynamical Systems:
Jul 29 Dynamical Systems:
Jul 31 Dynamical Systems:

Aug 03 Mathematical Systems:
Aug 05 Mathematical Systems:
Aug 07 Mathematical Systems:

Lab Schedule: (subject to change)

Jun 23 Matlab
Jun 25 Matlab

Jun 30 Matlab
Jul 02 Matlab

Jul 07 Problem Formulation, Optimization Toolbox
Jul 09 Simplex Method

Jul 14 Problem Formulation, Optimization Toolbox
Jul 16 Unconstrained Optimization Methods

Jul 21 Interior-Point Methods
Jul 23 Interior-Point Methods

Jul 28 Dynamical Systems
Jul 30 Bifurcation Theory

Aug 04 Systems Lab
Aug 06 Systems Lab


Given in class.