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Sunday, 20 September 2020

BBC Science/Nature News

Alligator on gas snaps up Ig Nobel prize - The 2020 Ig Nobel prizes honour crocodilian vocalisations, narcissistic eyebrows and vibrating worms.
Climate change: Earthquake 'hack' reveals scale of ocean warming - Using sound waves from underwater earthquakes, researchers can more accurately measure sea temperatures.
Siberia landscape scarred by climate change - Scientists are warning about the consequences of vast swathes of ground thawing in Siberia.
'Total failure' on English river water quality - Pollutants still blight all of England's rivers, lakes and streams, the Environment Agency says.
What maths is involved in stirring a cup of tea? - A professor has won £2.3m for applying complex maths to simple situations - like stirring tea.
California and Oregon 2020 wildfires in maps, graphics and images - A visual guide to the wildfires ravaging California, Oregon and other western states.
Spider-like toxins found in Australia's stinging trees - A team of scientists say this explains why those stung feel intense pain lasting for days or even weeks.
Plug-in hybrids are a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' - Although marketed as a green option, the cars cause more polluting than is claimed, campaigners say.
Why forest fires in Siberia, Russia threaten us all - Scientists say wildfires in Siberia, Russia, have been releasing record amounts of greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming.
'Boring' research reveals what lies beneath Glasgow - Renewable energy study looks into the secrets of the rocks on which the city's east end stands.
UK Space Agency funds tech for orbital awareness - Grants will promote ideas to detect, characterise and track the millions of objects moving overhead.
Experts call for new era for wildlife in UK - Conservation experts urge the prime minister to take a lead on reversing the decline in nature.
Bear from Ice Age found 'completely preserved' in Russian Arctic - The ancient bear, unearthed by reindeer herders, has been hailed as a find of "great importance".
Google says its carbon footprint is now zero - The technology giant has also pledged to be using only carbon-free energy by 2030.
Plastic pollution: Washed clothing's synthetic mountain of 'fluff' - Scientists calculate how many tiny fibres our polyester and nylon garments lose in the wash.
Is there life floating in the clouds of Venus? - Telescope observations spy a gas high in the atmosphere of Venus that on Earth is made by microbes.
Extinction: Urgent change needed to save species, says UN - Humanity is at a crossroads and action is needed to slow nature's accelerating decline, says the UN.
Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf - A big chunk of ice breaks away from the Arctic's largest remaining ice shelf - 79N, or Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden.
Ship with no crew to sail across the Atlantic - A full-size, crewless research ship is to make one of the world's first autonomous transatlantic voyages.
Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn - Conservation group WWF says global wildlife populations have shrunk by two-thirds since 1970.
Brian Cox and Adele's producer Paul Epworth discuss music and the cosmos - How do physics and space travel inspire musicians? Award-winning producer Paul Epworth finds out.
China claims 'important breakthrough' in space mission shrouded in mystery - Very little is known about the Chinese vehicle that has been compared to the US's X-37 space plane.