Focus on Math: Martha Morrise

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  • Date: Thursday, Jan 30th 2020 4:00pm
  • Venue: B002 JFSB
  • Categories:
  • Topic: The Mathematics of Transistor Placement
  • Speaker: Martha Morrise
  • College/Organization: CPMS/Mathematics

Topic: The Mathematics of Transistor Placement

Abstract: Transistors are the building blocks of modern electronics, with current microprocessors containing billions of transistors each. Transistor
placement is the problem of arranging transistors in a way that optimizes the area and electrical properties for a chip. While transistor placement is
a crucial problem for the microprocessor industry, there is no known optimal solution. As computer chips become more compact and more
powerful, solving this problem well becomes both more important and more difficult. This talk will demonstrate how concepts in graph theory
and satisfiability theory can be applied to transistor placement to solve it more optimally in the semiconductor industry.