Major Field Test (MFT) in Mathematics – August 2020 graduation

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  • Date: Saturday, Aug 1st 2020 10:00am
  • Venue: 149 TMCB
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Students are required to take either the GRE Math Subject Test or the Major Field Test in Mathematics (MFT) the last semester before they graduate. If students have taken the GRE subject test, they do not need to take the MFT, but should provide the university with evidence of having taken the subject test and the score received.

The MFT is an ETS (Educational Testing Service) standardized assessment test of undergraduate mathematics. Interested students may access the GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book which contains one actual, full-length test, as well as test-taking strategies.

The MFT is a multiple-choice exam consisting of two parts, each part is one hour (timed), and is administered in a proctored environment.

For those graduating in August, the next MFT in mathematics will be given on Saturday, 1 August 2020 at 10:00 AM in 149 TMCB. If you are interested in taking the exam, or require additional information, please contact Lonette Stoddard at 801-422-2062 or

This test does not appear on your transcript or affect your GPA. A passing score is NOT required.