Mathematics Department

Tait, Debra

Graduate Secretary

Office: 275 TMCB
Phone Number: 801-422-3684
Fax Number: 801-422-0504

Department Responsibilities:

  1. Graduate secretary
    • Act as liaison with the Office of Graduate Studies
    • Attend mandatory Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) training meetings each month
    • Receive and track applications
    • Schedule and proctor graduate exams as needed
    • Maintain bi-annual spreadsheets for graduate students’ evaluations
    • Process tuition payments, as approved by Graduate Student Coordinator
    • Assure that the courses taken by graduate students are approved by the department
    • Maintain information about past graduate students
    • Update graduate handbook
    • Create contracts for graduate students, as approved by Graduate Student Coordinator
  2. Assistant Department Secretary
    • Technical Typist
    • Textbook Coordinator
    • Y-Time Manager
  3. Annual Report, Data Collection
    • Professors’ publications
    • Undergraduate Mentored Researchers
    • Names of Graduating Undergraduates and Graduate Students