2021 Putnam Competition Results

The Putnam Competition is widely considered as one of the most difficult mathematics competitions in the world, and is the preeminent mathematics competition for undergraduate students in the United States and Canada. The exam focuses on creativity and problem solving, rather than just how many math classes you have taken.

Taking place annually in December,  the competition consists of two 3-hour tests with 12 problems in total. Each of the problems is graded on a scale of 0 to 10 points. While students solve problems individually, the institutions are ranked by the combination of their three highest student scores. 

This past December, a total of 2,975 students from 427 participating institutions took the Putnam exam. BYU’s team placed 11th overall! This is the 3rd best BYU’s team has ever performed (after the 2012 and 2013 competitions, where we placed 7th and 9th respectively). 

BYU’s team consisted of Joseph Camacho (49 points, placed 65th, Honorable Mention), Gradin Andersen (42 points, placed 84th, Honorable Mention), and James Camacho (29 points, placed 212th). Joseph and James Camacho are seniors at Timpview Highschool. They have been taking math classes at BYU as concurrent enrollment students. Gradin Andersen is a sophomore at BYU.

Four more students ranked in the top 500: Quinlan T Leishman, Gordon Bridge, Dallin Christiansen, and Daniel South. Eight other students received positive scores: Dylan Webb, Amy Woodall, Graeme Clayton, Andrew Haviland, Kate Wall, Adam Skousen, Davi Fernandes, and Spencer E Arnesen. 

For those interested in participating in future Putnam Competitions, 391R is a class specifically designed to prepare and train you for the exam.