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Top News

Academic Advisement: 

Fall semester is approaching! Having trouble choosing a major? Getting ready for graduation? Don’t know which classes to take?  Talk to an Academic Advisor today! To schedule an appointment email

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics:

This is an opportunity to participate in a study abroad program to study with eminent Hungarian scholars while living in the fascinating European city of Budapest. BSM successfully graduates dozens of students each year who eventually go on to top graduate programs in mathematics. The program is offered fall, spring, or summer semester. We encourage you to visit the BSM website at for additional information, including the application. Deadline: March 1st (Summer)

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education:

This program is designed for students interested in teaching middle school or high school mathematics. They will study the Hungarian approach to learning and teaching, in which a strong and explicait emphasis is placed on problem solving, mathematical creativity, and communication. Please visit the program’s website at for more information. Deadline: March 15th (Fall 2015)

Cambia Health Solutions

Actuarial Internship for Summer of 2015

If interested in being considered for this role, please search for job #858200



High Performance Tutoring is pleased to announce that we offer tutoring jobs to interested and qualifying undergraduates throughout the state of Utah.  We pay an incredible $20 per hour for tutoring which takes place at public locations (e.g. coffee shops), and a whopping $30 per hour for in-home tutoring sessions!

If you are interested in this great opportunity please email a PDF copy of your resume to  We look forward to hearing from you.


 … More Events to come Fall Semester…

Student Clubs

SAC: Contact for more information.

S(AC)ME:  For more information, please contact:

Internships & Summer Programs

 BYU Bridge

Make sure you check out BYU Bridge to find useful links to programs such as internships. Go to

Scholarships & Grants

ORCA Grants

Receive a $1,500 grant as compensation for conducting research or a creative project that interests you! ORCA mentored-learning grants provide students with the means and direction to complete their own individual research or creative project under the mentorship of a professor. For more information, visit the ORCA website at

National Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs

The National Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs (NSFP) office assists students in finding and applying for national, externally funded scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate graduate study and scholarships and grants for research opportunities, summer programs, and study abroad. Visit for more information.

Graduate School Opportunities

American Mathematical Society

The AMS stores lots of resources for future grad school students on its website. Check out This page is a must-see for anyone working towards grad school.

Job/Career Opportunities

BYU Bridge

Check out BYU Bridge to find helpful career tools. Go to