The courses that students in the cohort will take are as follows:

Fall 2018:

  • Math 290 section 7 (Fundamentals of Mathematics), 3 credits, 1:00-1:50 PM MWF.  Instructor: Paul Jenkins

  • Math 313 section 14 (Elementary Linear Algebra), 3 credits, 2:00-2:50 PM MWF.  Instructor: Michael Griffin

  • Math 495R section 10 (Readings in Mathematics), 2 credits, 1:00-2:50 TTh.

Winter 2019:

  • Math 371 section 2 (Abstract Algebra 1), 3 credits, 1:00-1:50 PM MWF.  Instructor:  Darrin Doud

  • Math 314 section 5 (Calculus 3), 3 credits, 2:00-2:50 PM MWF.  Instructor: Emily Evans

  • Math 495R (Readings in Mathematics), 2 credits, 1:00-2:50 TTh.

Students who finish all of these courses and who already have credit for Math 112 and Math 113 will have completed a minor in mathematics at the end of Winter 2019.  For students majoring in mathematics or applied and computational mathematics (ACME), the four credits of Math 495R courses will fulfill the CS 142 major requirement, plus one additional elective credit.

The Math 495R courses are computational labs designed to teach students to program in Python, applying concepts they have learned in class to solve real-world problems.  For instance, labs associated with Math 290/Math 371 will include learning about military-grade encryption, and labs for Math 313 will include writing image compression programs.  The classroom courses will go into greater depth than the standard versions of the same courses, and will be integrated with each other: for instance, the proof techniques you learn in Math 290 will be used in Math 313.  Students are encouraged to work together on homework sets and coding projects.