Boot Camp for Master’s Exams

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  • Date: Monday, Aug 17th 2015 9:30am
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The Boot Camp for assistance in preparing for the August master’s exams will be held August 17-25 (weekdays only). Currently the analysis class will be run by Skyler Simmons (9:30-11:30 in 112 TMCB), and the algebra prep class will be run by Rachel Webb (1-3 in 112 TMCB).

Interested students should take the opportunity to review the master’s exams from previous years that are on the math department web page They will then be able to come prepared to participate by asking relevant questions.

If you have suggestions for topics that you would like to have covered, please contact the relevant coordinator (Skyler or Rachel).

Skyler Simmmons:
Rachel Webb:

It would also be useful to bring a relevant textbook.

If you are interested in participating and have not already registered, please contact Lonette Stoddard at 801-422-2062 or