CPMS Faculty Teaching and Learning Workshop

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  • Date: Wednesday, Mar 4th 2015 12:00pm
  • Venue: Hickley Center
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We are pleased to announce the next CPMS Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunch—jointly sponsored by the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the College of Technology and Engineering: Dr. Eric Mazur will present a lecture entitled, “Confessions of a Converted Lecturer.” Dr. Mazur’s abstract and bio may be found below.

Dr. Mazur’s lecture will be held on Wednesday, 4 March, 2015, from 12:00 to 12:50 pm on the third floor of the Hinckley Building.

Lunch will be provided; please RSVP by Sunday, March 1, using the following link:


Abstract: I thought I was a good teacher until I discovered my students were just memorizing information rather than learning to understand the material. Who was to blame? The students? The material? I will explain how I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students to fail! I will show how I have adjusted my approach to teaching and how it has improved my students’ performance significantly.

Mini-bio: Dr. Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University and Area Dean of Applied Physics. In addition to leading a vigorous research program in optical physics and supervising one of the largest research groups in the Physics Department at Harvard University, Dr. Mazur is also interested in education, science policy, and the public perception of science and has authored a book on peer instruction.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

The CPMS Faculty Teaching and Learning Workshop committee:

Natalie Blades (Statistics)
Doug Corey (Math Ed)
Ryan Farrell (Computer Science)
Ron Harris (Geology)
Paul Jenkins (Math)
Steve Turley (Physics)
Steven Wood (Chemistry)