Focus on Math: Amanda Francis (MathSciNet)

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  • Date: Thursday, Dec 6th 2018 4:30pm
  • Venue: 1170 TMCB
  • Categories:
  • Topic: Mathematical Reviews: Mathematics powered by mathematicians!
  • Speaker: Amanda Francis
  • College/Organization: Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet

Mathematical Reviews is a division of the American Mathematical Society which is responsible for publishing and maintaining MathSciNet. This electronic database journal contains reviews, abstracts, and bibliographic information for both current and past research published in the mathematical sciences.  In my talk, I will tell you about Mathematical Reviews, its history, and the work we do there now. We will explore the tools in MathSciNet, look at some amusing reviews, and hear a few interesting stories about modern day mathematical research.

Amanda Francis received her PhD from BYU in 2012.  In 2014 she returned for two years as a visiting assistant professor, then joined the faculty of Carroll College as an assistant, and then associate professor. These days she works for the American Mathematical Society as an associate editor at Mathematical Reviews. Her recent work has been focused on topics in network theory, spectral graph theory, and mirror symmetry.