Focus on Math: Evelyn Lamb

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  • Date: Thursday, Mar 21st 2019 4:30pm
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  • Topic: Visualizing Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Speaker: Evelyn Lamb

Visualizing hyperbolic geometry
For two thousand years, mathematicians tried to prove that Euclidean geometry, the geometry you probably learned in high school, was all there was. But it’s not! In the early nineteenth century, János Bolyai and Nikolai Lobachevsky independently discovered that by tweaking one of Euclid’s postulates, geometry can look totally different. We will explore the rich world of hyperbolic geometry, one of the new and beautiful systems of geometry that results from this tweak. Our guides on the adventure will be mathematically inspired artists and artistically inspired mathematicians, including M.C. Escher, Daina Taimina, and Henry Segerman.

Evelyn Lamb is a freelance math and science writer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She earned her Ph.D. at Rice University in 2012 and taught at the University of Utah until 2015, when she left academia to pursue writing full-time. She began her writing career with a AAAS-AMS mass media fellowship at Scientific American. Her work has appeared in outlets including Scientific American, Slate, Quanta, Nautilus, and Smithsonian and in the Best Writing on Mathematics anthology. She cohosts the My Favorite Theorem podcast with Kevin Knudson. Her blog, Roots of Unity, is on the Scientific American blog network. Follow on Twitter: @evelynjlamb.