Knotty Games: Allison K. Henrich

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  • Speaker: Allison K. Henrich
  • College/Organization: PhD, Associate Professor & Chair of Department of Mathematics, Seattle University

1170 TMCB, Refreshments at 3:45, Starts at 4:00

Knotty Games

Many people in this world are under the mistaken impression that math can’t be fun. The aim of much of my research with undergraduate and peer collaborators, in part, is to provide yet another counterexample to this claim. Our work combines one of the most delightfully visual mathematical subjects, knot theory, with one of the most common sources of fun: games. Motivated by recent fascinating work by Ayaka Shimizu on a newly discovered unknotting operation called a region crossing change and research by Ryo Hanaki on unusual types of knot diagrams called pseudodiagrams, my collaborators and I have invented and explored several knot games. In this talk, we will play these games on several types of knot diagrams, developing both our spatial intuition and our understanding of the structure of knots along the way.