Focus on Math: Steve Butler (Iowa State University)

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  • Date: Thursday, Oct 31st 2019 4:30pm
  • Venue: 1170 TMCB
  • Categories:
  • Topic: An introduction to the mathematics of juggling
  • Speaker: Steve Butler
  • College/Organization: Iowa State University


An Introduction to the Mathematics of Juggling
Juggling and mathematics have both been done for thousands of years, but the mathematics of juggling is a relatively new combination that dates back a few decades and looks at using the tools of mathematics to analyze, connect, and count various juggling patterns. We will introduce some of the basic results related to the mathematics of juggling with a particular emphasis at looking at the various methods used to describe juggling patterns. A few “practical” applications will also be demonstrated.

Steve Butler is currently the Barbara J Janson Professor of Mathematics at Iowa State University. He was an undergraduate and Masters student at BYU; and earned his PhD degree in 2011 from UC San Diego where he studied under Fan Chung. He has worked extensively with Ron Graham, and is the last person to get an Erdos number of one. He has published 70 papers in mathematics in topics ranging from spectral graph theory and enumeration to card shuffling and juggling.