Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Vianey Villamizar

The math department is excited to welcome back Dr. Vianey Villamizar from serving as the mission president of the Venezuela, Caracas Mission.

Dr. Villamizar’s interest in math developed in his first year of college.With the intent to better understand chemistry, his major, Dr. Villamizar took many math classes. His interest in math grew, and he abandoned his original major and decided to pursue a degree in math. Dr. Villamizar received a BS in Mathematics at Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1977 and finished a Master’s program there in 1983. He pursued a PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, then took a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. Dr. Villamizar’s first encounter with BYU occurred in 1999 when he accepted an invitation to teach at BYU for a semester. A second invitation in Fall 2000 led to a permanent position.

Dr. Villamizar reflects that BYU’s unique atmosphere drew him in and helped him decide to pursue a permanent position here. He enjoys the possibility to freely share his beliefs and faith in an academic environment and be intellectually and spiritually edified by his students and colleagues.

Dr. Villamizar and his wife Maru, who have three children, were called to preside over the Venezuela, Caracas Mission in 2011 and enjoyed this spiritually refining experience. They returned to Provo in summer 2014 and have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities presented to them since they have returned to the US.