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  • •Understanding the Dynamics of Collisions and Near-Collision Motions in the N-Body Problem, to appear in Mathematical & Statistical Research with Applications to Physical & Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Springer.
  • Associate Chair
    • Reducible Galois representations and the homology of GL(3,Z) (with Avner Ash), International Mathematics Research Notices (2012), to appear
  • • Arc-reduced forms for Peano continua, Topology and its Applications (2012),
  • • Volumes of Chain Links, Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Vol. 21 (2012), No. 11, 1250115, 17 pp.
  • • Speed is Independent of Force in a Mathematical Model of Amoeboidal Cell Motion with Random Switching Terms (Submitted)
  • • On a theorem of Camps and Dicks, Advances in Ring Theory, (2010), 83-84.