Math on the Menu

The math department is pleased to have visiting professor Dr. Frank Morgan at BYU for the next few weeks.  Dr. Morgan taught at MIT for 10 years then transferred to Williams College, where he transformed the college’s  math department into one of the best undergraduate math programs in the country.  Dr. Morgan is also currently the vice-president of the American Mathematical Society.


His work is listed with only a few others in Dieudonne’s History of Mathematics for having a major impact in differential geometry.  His most famous work is his proof of the double bubble conjecture. 


Dr. Morgan is an excellent speaker and professor who loves to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of mathematics.  During Dr. Morgan’s time at BYU, the math department will continue to host events for students to learn from this outstanding professor and mathematician. 


Weekly Dinner – Each Tuesday, Dr. Morgan will host a dinner for all students who wish to attend.  Students should meet in the commons area of the Cannon Center outside room 127 at 5:30 pm.  If a student doesn’t have a meal plan, he/she should bring a friend who has a meal plan or come with a faculty member, and the math department will pay for the student’s dinner. 


Weekly Seminar – Each Thursday, Dr. Morgan will host an informal Brown Bag Luncheon Seminar from 11:00-11:50 am in room 299 of the TMCB  (Talmage Building).  Students can bring a lunch, eat during the seminar, and hang out afterwards to talk about math or just listen.


The math department hopes that students will take advantage of this opportunity during the limited time that Dr. Morgan will be on campus.  All students are welcome!