BYU Celebrates Pi Day

This Monday, the Math Department is throwing a party, and all of BYU campus is invited.  The festivities will start at 12:00 p.m. in Brigham Square, as BYU counts down to 3/14, 1:59 p.m. (pi--to the minute).
The planned activities have something for everyone, including frisbee throws, pi-recitation contests, pie-eating contests, and pi-meter runs. 

Also, this year we'll have another round of pies in the face for a couple lucky BYU professors chosen by students and staff.  Anyone can vote either in the Math Lab (159 TMCB) or on the BYU Math Facebook page (  On the "Wanted" list this year are Dr. William "Bow Tie" Christensen, Dr. Gary "Double Bubble" Lawlor, Dr. Steven M. McKay, Dr. Shane Reese, and Dr. Bob "119" Wadley.


Finally, the BYU Math Department is joining with the English Department and the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages to celebrate pi through poetry.  Students can submit haikus about pi for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to the BYU Bookstore.  Pikus should be submitted on or before March 10 in the Math Dept. Office (275 TMCB) or by email (BYUpikuatgmail [dot] com), attached as a ".doc," ".pdf," or ".txt" document.  (Please note:  a student must include an email address in order to win the contest.)  All three departments will jointly award prizes to winners in three categories:  Best English Piku, Best Japanese Piku, and Most Aesthetic Piku.  Winners will be announced at Pi Day just before the countdown to 1:59. 


This March 14th, join us in Brigham Square for games, prizes, and free food.  Hope to see you there!