This summer, the Math Department ran its first trials of “Sprummer” classes, offering a two-term version of Math 113 (Calculus 2) and Math 334 (Ordinary Differential Equations).  The new course layout has proved successful, and in the future, the Department plans to offer a greater variety of courses and more sections of each course.


In fact, next week, there will be a SAC Focus Meeting devoted to the initiative.  Attendees of the meeting will be able to help create course schedules to accommodate more “Sprummer” courses.


Students are often overwhelmed when a semester full of math concepts is condensed into a short seven-week spring or summer term.  The Math Department hopes that spreading out course material will provide a better learning experience for students.  For "Sprummer" courses, midterms are administered during spring finals, and finals are administered during summer finals.


Most students are required to take at least one college-level math course, so students of all majors are welcome to attend next week's meeting.  Math majors are especially encouraged to provide their input.


Dr. Robin Roundy will lead the meeting on Thursday, July 7th at 11:00 a.m. in 301 TMCB.  Refreshments will be provided, so please email Jennifer Maroney if you plan to attend.


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