What is SAC?

To put it simply, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an organization that offers students a chance to have a say in department related matters while building a resume at the same time.


Students participating in SAC work with the Mathematics Department to provide feedback on what changes can be made in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the program.  Some of the feedback that you as a committee member would contribute includes:


Professor Reviews – your thoughts on the professor’s teaching methods, the interaction between professor and students, the availability of the professor, etc.


Course Review – your thoughts on the course material, the textbooks used, testing, etc.


Department Review – your thoughts on what the mathematics department can do better to help you in your selected major, usefulness of the office staff in the department, ideas on better student advisement, etc.


Facilities/Resources – this could include anything from letting the department know about broken equipment, your thoughts on the classroom and what could make it a better classroom, the resources available for professors to use and are they working in the classroom, etc.



Along with providing feedback, students participating in SAC also have the opportunity to provide service and leadership for several department events such as Pi Day, To Be or Not to Be, and other social student activities.


You don’t have to be a major in Mathematics to be on this committee… in fact, we welcome all different majors who take any of the mathematics classes.


 If interested in becoming a member of the Student Advisory Council, visit 275 TMCB or email daniellehanksatgmail [dot] com.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!