New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Emily Evans

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences welcomes Emily Evans, a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics.
Professor Evans received her bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah. Following graduation, she moved to Massachusetts and worked as a software engineer at EMC, Lavastorm, and Hewlett-Packard. Evans recently completed a PhD program in mathematical science at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Now at BYU, Evans looks to strengthen her role as a teacher and continue her research in finite element and extension theories. She enjoys the creativity surrounding mathematics and is excited for future opportunities to investigate unexplored areas.
“It’s a very creative field; it lets you try new things,” Evans said. “I’ve always loved math because I love patterns, and there’s a beauty in the patterns of math that once you really start to understand the math, then you start to see these patterns repeated over and over again.”
Evans also studies problems concerning domains with fractal boundaries. This research explores using self-similar sets to better model physical processes such as erosion and wind patterns over mountains. Evans believes that by using fractals, biologists and engineers will be able to improve the accuracy of physical models in the future.
Professor Evans is married to David Evans, an electrical engineering graduate from BYU. They have a three-year-old daughter, Eleanor, who also likes to do math just like her parents. When not doing research, Evans enjoys reading and riding her Xooter, a full-size self-propelled scooter.
Evans is currently teaching Honors Calculus 1 and Theory of Analysis 2 and is looking forward to involving undergraduate students in mentored research in the future.
-Chris Scheitinger, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences