What's happening in 2012?

New things are happening in the BYU Math Department.  

Last week, students who attended the department Winter Social were among the first to hear about what exciting changes will be occurring in 2012.  

To begin with, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) has organized a weekly movie night for math majors and their friends every Tuesday at 7pm in 294 TMCB.  Those who are interested will receive an email each week with information regarding what film will be watched.  To sign up to receive the email, please contact Jonathan Baker at motmahpatgmail [dot] com.

Preparations are also underway for the new math major hangout spot in 2202 TMCB, nicknamed The Castle.  Previously the MURM lab location (which has been moved to 331 TMCB), this room will be an area for mathematics students to study, hangout, and collaborate on, well… math!  SAC hopes to have The Castle open to students by early February.  Keep an eye out for announcements on the grand opening of this exciting addition to the department.

Other things to look for coming from SAC:
•  Weekly Computational Seminar, Thursdays at 11am in 104 TMCB.  This class will cover a variety of computer skills that are important for mathematicians.
•  Pi Day, March 14 in Brigham Square.  Students at the Winter Social voted on which t-shirt design they liked best (see above).
Dr. Jarvis, Chair of the Department, took some time to talk to the students at the Winter Social.  In his “State of the Department” speech, Jarvis mentioned the great progress that the math program has been experiencing.

“We have the most students doing mentored math research of any university in the US,” said Jarvis.  And how true this is—it is not a rare occurrence for BYU math majors to be co-authors or primary authors on significant research publications.  These students are out presenting their research and winning awards around the country.

Things are looking good for math internships as well.  The number of companies and organizations willing to hire math interns is expected to grow to 150 this year.  Dr. Jarvis mentioned that several graduate programs and companies have shared their interest in recruiting BYU math majors.

One of the greatest changes to the Math Department is the addition of a new emphasis—Applied and Computational Math.  Although not available until Fall of 2013, interested students can prepare now by finishing up the math minor along with Math 341.  Look for more information on this new emphasis in the coming months.  For questions, contact Dr. Jeff Humpherys at jeffhatmath [dot] byu [dot] edu.

As for other announcements, the Department has several ways students can receive frequent updates.  
•  The Monday Math Memo (M3) is an eNewsletter that is sent out weekly with scholarship opportunities, events, and other useful information.  If you would like to receive this email, please contact ugradassistantatmath [dot] byu [dot] edu.
•  The Facebook page—BYU Math—is a great way to stay updated as well as to interact with fellow math majors.  Click here to view pictures from the Winter Social.  Remember to “like” us!

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming from the math department!