New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Benjamin Webb

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences welcomes Benjamin Webb, a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics.
Professor Webb received bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and German at BYU and a minor in philosophy. He then earned a master’s degree in mathematics at BYU before pursuing a PhD in mathematics at Georgia Tech. Upon recent completion of his PhD, he returned to BYU to teach calculus.
As an undergraduate student at BYU, Webb began participating in research and enjoyed unexpected surprises and moments of discovery.
“I like the surprises, like in math research,” Webb said. “The things that come up that you don’t expect, the structures you only guessed were there. And when you actually figure out what they are, it’s really surprising what the answer turns out to be because it’s usually not what you expected.”
Webb is currently studying dynamical systems, specifically how a system's structure influences its dynamics. Most recently this has involved studying the dynamics of different networks, such as how to synchronize networks of lasers.
While he is here at BYU, Webb is excited to gain new insights from faculty in different departments who have conducted similar research in their disciplines of expertise. He is also looking forward to involving students in undergraduate research in the future.
“We’re always trying to expand the radius of what we know and when we do that more interesting questions come up,” Webb said. “We just don’t have the time to do it all by ourselves. It’s great to have students.”
In his free time, Webb enjoys playing the drums, skateboarding and snowboarding in the Utah snow. He was married when he was an undergraduate at BYU to Rebekah Ellermeier and now has two daughters and two sons.
—Chris Scheitinger, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences