New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jorg Thuswaldner

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences welcomes Jörg Thuswaldner, a visiting faculty member in the Department of Mathematics.
Professor Thuswaldner grew up in Austria and studied technical mathematics at both the University of Salzburg and Graz University of Technology, where he earned his PhD. Thuswaldner enjoys studying fractal geometry and number theory. His research interests in topology led him to BYU.
“I like that [mathematics] is beautiful,” he said. “I like beautiful theorems, especially number theory — things that are easy to state, but are very hard to prove. I like the mathematics behind many applications.”
Five years ago, Thuswaldner contacted Dr. Greg Conner, a professor in BYU’s Department of Mathematics. Conner’s field of expertise related to what Thuswaldner was studying.
Thuswaldner and Conner began collaborating on research. When the opportunity became available, Thuswaldner decided to accept a position as a visiting professor at BYU.
Thuswaldner is currently teaching linear algebra and looks forward to writing new research papers during his time here.
“I have a lot of coworkers from all over the world, and I enjoy very much to travel and talk with people about mathematics all over the world,” Thuswaldner said. “Mathematics is some kind of language that everybody can understand. It’s uniting.”
Thuswaldner is married and has two boys and one girl. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, reading and spending time with his family. He is enjoying his experience here in Utah, but he thoroughly misses his quality Austrian bread...
—Chris Scheitinger, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences