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Mathematics is central to life in a technological society. The rigor and discipline required to excel in mathematics develop skills that are in constant demand. Therefore, graduates obtain positions in a wide variety of business, governmental, and industrial enterprises. Mathematics majors also are sought by professional schools of law, medicine, and management. Mathematical experience beyond basic calculus enhances the life and capabilities of every intellectually curious student.


Here are some excellent web sites about careers using math:



Internships are excellent ways for students in Mathematics to jump start a career in business and industry or in research. Most, but not all, internships are for students that have finished two or more years of major coursework, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. This list of opportunities is not inclusive, and with a little creative searching, you could find endless possibilities.

The time to start looking for a summer internship is in the fall or early winter.


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Receiving Academic Credit for an Internship

The Department of Mathematics participates in the University's internship program, which provides academic credit for students participating in business, industry, and government math related internships. So not only are you participating in an internship that well greatly benefit your education and career, you are receiving credit for a class that you don’t even have to show up to.


Interns may register for Math 399R (approval of internship coordinator is required) during the semester they are involved with the program if they wish to receive university credit. The credit is granted based on 100 hours of internship work for every credit hour received. Internship and credit received must be approved by the internship coordinator. For more information you can contact the following or review the posted internship syllabus.


Dr. Forcade | Internship Coordinator | 316 TMCB | forcaderatmath [dot] byu [dot] edu

Dr. Doud | Undergraduate Advisor | 322 TMCB | doudatmath [dot] byu [dot] edu

Lauren Adkins | Student Internship Coordinator | 275 TMCB | internatmath [dot] byu [dot] edu


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Services available within Brigham Young University

Career Services in WSC room 2410 offer excellent aid in finding internships.


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Internships in Industry


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Research in Government Labs

The Federal Governments laboratories offer extensive summer employment opportunities, and these jobs can frequently lead to permanent positions.



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Additional Web Sites with Opportunities


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