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BYU Hosts High School State Math Contest

BYU hosted the High School State Math Contest on Monday, April 25th. Several thousand students all across the state from junior high to high school came to participate in this competitive event. After completing the test, students recieved a free BYU Math t-shirt and got to eat lunch at the BYU Cannon Center. Students with exeptional scores will be invited to attend the recognition dinner, also hosted by BYU. Check this website in the near future to find this years scores from the event:

Congrats April 2016 Math Graduates!

On Friday, April 22nd, the College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences held their convocation in the Wilkinson Ballroom. The Math Department had the most its seen in attendance for many years. Following convocation, the department held a luncheon open for all family and friends of the graduates. Thanks to all those who attended and participated in this exciting event!
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Congratulations 2016 Graduates!

Good luck to all of our new Math Department graduates! Following is a schedule of the April 2016 Graduation Ceremonies.
3:00 pm Graduates assemble for the academic procession
3:15 pm Family & friends to be seated in the Marriott Center
3:15 pm Academic procession departs from the ASB
4:00 – 5:30 pm University Commencement Services in the Marriott Center
8:00 am Physical & Mathematical Sciences Convocation. Meet 30 minutes before in the Garden Court of the Wilkinson Student Center. Convocation is in the Wilkinson Ballroom.

It’s Coming, March 14th Pi Day

Volunteer for Pi Day to get a Free T-Shrirt

Colluquium 3D Printed Mathematical Models

Skyler Simmons

Brigham Young University
Recently, 3D-printing technology has become more affordable and consumer-friendly. As a consequence, its applications have become more varied and widespread, including art and medicine. In mathematics, this technology has applications for both teaching and research. In this talk, I will share some of my experiences with 3D-printing. I will also outline the 3D-printing process, as well as some programs and techniques you can use to create your own mathematical models. This talk will be accessible and interesting to both students and faculty alike.
Thursday — February 18, 2016

4 pm 1170 TMCB

Refreshments at 3:30

Everyone Welcome!

Math Department Announces New Chair, Dr. Michael Dorff

The BYU Math Department is excited to announce the appointment of Michael Dorff as the new chair of the Department of Mathematics. Drs. Paul Jenkins and Darrin Doud will serve as associate chairs. Dr. Dorff is replacing Dr. Robin Roundy, who served as the Department of Mathematics chair for three years.


Michael J. Dorff, Mathematics—

Dorff received his BS in Mathematics Education from BYU and his PhD in Complex Analysis from the University of Kentucky in 1997.

Dorff is the founder and director for the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM), which began in 2007. He also started and leads BYU’s “Careers in Math” Speaker Series and BYU’s summer 8-week Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). He has received over two million dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support and fund these programs.

Dorff has received national recognition for his dedicated work in developing mentored undergraduate research in mathematics. In 2010, Dorff won several awards, including the Distinguished Teaching Award from the college, the Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award from BYU, and the Haimo Award from the Mathematics Association of America. Dorff has also received BYU’s Lawrence K. Egbert Teaching and Learning Fellowship and was named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012.

Focus on Math Annalisa Crannell Franklin & Marshal College

Those of us who teach projective geometry often nod to perspective art as the spark from which projective geometry caught fire and grew. This talk looks directly at projective geometry as a tool to illuminate the workings of perspective artists. We will particularly shine the light on Desargues’ triangle theorem (which says that any pair of triangles that is perspective from a point is per-spective from a line), together with an even simpler theorem (you have to see it to believe it!).
Given any convoluted, complicated polygonal object, these theorems allow us to draw that object together with something that is related to it— its shadow, reflection, or other rigid symme-
tries—and we’ll show how this works. (If you enjoy doodling or sketching, bring your pencil, a good eraser, and a straightedge.)
ANNALISA CRANNELL – FRANKLIN & MARSHAL COLLEGE 4 pm – 1170 TMCB – Tuesday, February 9 – Lite Refreshments Provided

Math Major Winter Social

Come to the math major winter social on January 22nd from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the Math Lab. Enjoy Pizza, Cookies, Games and fun.

Retired Coach Leads Team to Victory

“Retired coach leads team to victory” – a seemingly unlikely headline, but an accurate description of a recent BYU event.

Retired professor David Wright led a group of thirteen high school students to a fifth place finish in the online “Math Madness” AMC Interstellar High School Mathematics National Championship. These students, sponsored by the BYU Department of Mathematics, may just be the newest generation of BYU Mathletes. A total of 346 high school teams competed in the Mathematical Association of America-sponsored event. After three preseason contests, BYU’s team was put in a bracket with 64 teams with average team size between 11 and 15. The BYU team won its bracket and earned a fifth place ranking.

The team score is the sum of the top five students.  In the championship match, BYU defeated eighth ranked Davidson Academy of Nevada by a score of 39 to 34.  BYU’s top five scorers are:  Nicholas McConnell (10/10), Thomas Draper (8/10), Annie Yun (7/10), Josh Speckman (7/10), and Quinlan Leishman (7/10).  All of these contestants are currently in grades ten and eleven and are likely to compete again for BYU next year. Dr. Wright invited students who had previously attended BYU Math Camps, BYU Math recognition programs, or whom he had connections to through BYU Math majors and alumni to join the Math Madness team. Students from out-of-state are able to participate on the BYU team because the competition is entirely online.

Dr. Wright retired in August 2015, but has remained involved in the BYU math community, especially with student outreach programs. He coordinates competitions, math summer camps, and other activities for junior high and high school students, hoping that some of the students will attend BYU and compete on the Putnam mathematical team.

For more information, visit this link (

Here is a list of the members of the BYU team who have contributed to a winning score in at least one match:

Annie Yun, Junior at West High, Utah

Rohan Jairam, Junior at West High, Utah

Daniel Swingle, Senior at Seven Lakes High School, Texas

Ben Baker, Senior at West High, Utah

Josh Speckman, Sophomore at West High, Utah

Thomas Draper, Sophomore at Montgomery High School, New Jersey

Nicholas McConnell, Junior at Princeton High School, New Jersey

Quinlan Leishman, Junior at Bountiful High School, Utah

Lucy Ward, Ninth Grader at Mill Creek Jr. High, Utah

Emil Geisler, Ninth Grader at Mill Creek Jr. High , Utah

Eli Child, Ninth Grader at Mill Creek Jr. High, Utah

Alex Cheng, Ninth Grader at Midvale Middle School, Utah

Collin Allred, Eighth Grader at Mountain Ridge Junior High, Utah


Team members who are nationally ranked in the top 1,000 out of 17,539 participants.


Nicholas McConnell:  5

Josh Speckman:  93

Thomas Draper:  104

Annie Yun:  194

Rohan Jairam:  511

Lucy Ward:  551

Alex Cheng:  625

Ben Baker:  975