Pi Day 2017

It’s irrational, it goes on forever, and after a year of waiting… it’s finally back! Let your inner nerd shine at BYU Math’s annual Pi Day celebration! On March 14 (3/14) from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., everyone is invited to join us at Brigham Square for games, contests, celebrations, giveaways, and fun!  We’ve already ordered hundreds and hundreds of pies, donuts, t-shirts, and swag!

Pi Day isn’t just for math
majors. Are you an economics major? Come watch Professor Jim Kearl take a pie to the face. Exercise Science? Test your free-throw skills at our March Madness booth. Business? Theater? Family Sciences? Communications? We have tons of booths and activities right up your alley. Maybe you’ve given up on academics and only care about BYU Football—no worries! We’ll have our student athletes as special guests and a visit from our favorite cougar, Cosmo! There really is something for everyone.

In celebration of Pi, there will be pie-eating contests, a “Pie the Professor” booth, Pi recitation competitions, and much more. March 14 also marks the 138th birthday of the one and only Albert Einstein. Enjoy an Einstein-themed photo shoot, Einstein corn-hole, and eat a birthday pie in his honor. This Pi Day is also the kick-start to March Madness, so what better way to celebrate than by learning about the various algorithms used to predict tournament wins/losses and having the opportunity to make your own bracket? Turn in your roster for a chance to win prizes. Not only do we get to celebrate a genius’ birthday and the most famous number of all, but we also get to do it in style. Pi day is a great excuse for winning prizes and having a blast—don’t miss it!