Teaching Seminar


Speaker: Gary Lawlor (BYU)


Title: A Smartpen is a great way to enhance teaching with not much extra effort


Abstract: Imagine this scenario: Time runs out in class 10 minutes before you are ready to quit. You go to your office, take out a special pad and pen, tap a RECORD button on the page and begin to speak and write. Ten minutes later you tap the STOP button and dock the pen. A few minutes afterward, you send out an email to all the students with a link to your newly-created audio-visual presentation that finishes what you were not able to do in class.


The students follow the link and find that your quickly-prepared presentation is in some ways better than class time, because they can click the mouse on any spot on the page to go immediately to that point in the presentation, skipping back to hear something they didn’t catch, or skipping ahead to the part that interests them most.


This is how the Smartpen by Livescribe works. I’ve tried other technology to record presentations, but always got tired of the overhead — the extra effort to process everything. I really like the Smartpen, as do my students..

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