Colloquium: Michael Hutchings

The William P. Thurston Lecture Colloquium: Michael Hutchings (University of California, Berkeley)

Talk title: Two or Infinitely Many Reeb Orbits

Abstract: What is the minimum number of periodic orbits of a vector field on a three-manifold? In general the answer is zero. However on (closed) three-manifolds, Reeb vector fields, which are important in connection with Hamiltonian dynamics, always have at least one periodic orbit. We discuss a theorem proved with Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner and Dan Pomerleano asserting that under mild assumptions, every Reeb vector field on a (closed, connected) three-manifold has either two or infinitely many Reeb orbits.

Date: Tuesday, March 13
Time: 4:00 pm
Room: 135 TMCB