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Fiverr is a website where people display their micro jobs and gigs for sellers and buyers. The gigs are sold or bought at a minimum price of $5. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the work & gig extras added on. Fiverr SEO refers to design work and other jobs such as slicing, logo design, backlinks and voice overs which are used to be marketed on sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and ultimately help rank your website on Google. Each category has varying prices depending on which gig one chooses to work on. Some of the best Fiverr SEO gigs include the following:

Social Bookmarks: This simply means that the seller will generate either real traffic to bookmark your pages and links, thus raising your popularity in Social search engines, as well as Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines. Social bookmarks have always been a crucial part of SEO and should be used in tandem with the other gigs suggested in this article, like backlinks, guest posts, manual links and more.

Slicing: This involves gigs that contain pages in certain formats such as PSD which are displayed for buyers who can convert them in other desired formats at a cost. For instance, a PSD file may be opted to be converted to a HTML page at a cost.

Guest Posts: Simply put, you will deliver an original article 400-500 words in length and the user will post your article on their niche blog and/or website to have read by their 1,000’s to 100,000 readers (depending on niche). This can be an extremely successful way to market yourself in front of a large group of people who are already looking for things within that same industry or niche. The best advice we can offer is, give advice and give literally 80% of it up front. Then you get readers interested and they’ll naturally visit your site, where you can sell them all you want.

Designing of Logo: Another important design work of art involves designing of a certain logo as described by the client. Here, only experts who have the know-how on logo designs can apply the job, do it within the given time period and then submit. Payment is usually done after submission. Fiver subtracts a commission charge from these gig prices.

Backlinks/Submitting your data into another website: This gig involves outsourcers who are in need of workers who can enter certain data in their files. Such data may involve submission of the client’s URLs and then the worker enters a specific data related to it. A specifified period of time is usually given within which the worker should have submitted the work. Payment is then made for the services usually from a minimum cost of$5.

Scraping Content: In this gig, people who are in need of certain information about a specific thing can purchase a scraper to help them gather everything in bulk (and quickly). This is usually done a certain fee after. For example, when one needs more or all the information about a certain item.

Blog Post Illustration: This gig involves illustration of a certain blog in a way that that make it more clear. For instance, one can design a picture from a plain blog post. This will make people have an in-depth comprehension of your blog post.

Graphic Work: You can get people who have great skills in designing graphics on Fiverr. For example, on Christmas cards, Invitation cards, cover pages of eBooks and many more.

Manual Links: These links for $5 usually are DA/PA (Domain Authority/Page Authority) 20-30, but if you want the best link juice, you’ll end up paying $50 for manual links that are DA/PA 50+. While it may seem like 10 x 30 DA/PA links is better, in fact, QUALITY is QUEEN to Google. CONTENT is KING, not quantity. So if you have a well written "Ezine Quality" article on a DA 50+ domain, that is going to shoot your links up a few pages, if not land you on Page 1 for low competition terms. And as an SEO buyer & seller – getting DA 50+ for $50 is a steal. We’re used to paying $100-$200 for those types of links.

Voice Overs: This enables people to access quality voice overs and promote their product on YouTube quickly and efficiently without having to pay professional prices for a professional voice over.

There you have it, some of our Best Fiverr SEO Gigs that we use to dominate Google and get Page 1. We get all our graphics done at Fiverr to entrap any readers attention with stunning details. Then we get back links to start ranking our site, have someone scrape business details to start contacting potential buyers who may be interested, and finally, we create videos for our products and post them on YouTube, which results in instant conversions! All of this still may take $500-$2,000 in investments, but imagine starting a business via brick & mortar, that’d be the rent payment for the first month!

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