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Fiverr has really gained a lot of success when it was launched. Reason being, it offered much more than the competitors then, freelancer, Elance etc. People found it extremely easy to work on Fiverr. However, as the time progressed, upon using this website for a while people started realizing that it can get a lot better.

Fiverr is freelancing website where people can sell and buy various products and services according to their choice. They have an easy portal with lot of choices and categories in products and services. You also get lot of customers here compared to freelancer and Elance. However, there are huge disadvantages in being on Fiverr.

You pay a lot, even when YOU are working hard: Yes, that’s right. The cut on the name of commission is huge compared to any other freelancing website. You end up paying 1$ for each 5$ you earn. That hurts! We are on the freelancing websites only for some extra fuel and a huge cut in that doesn’t go in easily.

You work on the order on time, but you will have to wait to get payment: This is an addition to the pain areas on Fiverr. There are many hindrances on the way to the final dollars which you have actually EARNED. There is a process where the buyer will have to affirm that the order is COMPLETE. Only then you get paid for the hard work you had put in on this order. Even if the buyer is genuine and completes the order on time and pays you, there is another process "Pending Clearance" which will take 15 days to finally get the amount ready for you.

There are more drawbacks like fragile ratings and crazy competition etc, which will make you look around for other sites like Fiverr, within no time of joining Fiverr. Here are those sites.


One of the easy freelancing websites that works just like Fiverr but has a lot of ease and clarity. Biggest advantage here is the great admin panel, which will help you market your product or service in a greater way, with much greater visibility.


Fourerr is yet another great website which is an easy interface between the buyer and seller. many features such as clear transactions such as buying and selling using virtual currency, best customer support etc are making this website as the best among the alternatives of Fiverr.