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  1. Make all course titles unique. We currently have 11 2-course sequences in which the 2 courses have identical titles. Distinguish these 2 titles by appending a "1" to the title of the first course and a "2" to the title of the second course.--cpg
  2. Remove Math 343 as a prerequisite for Math 315, and add it as a prerequisite for Math 316. The status quo is an artifact of the time when Math 315 had single and multiple variable differentiation; it doesn't anymore.--cpg
  3. Is there a reason for Math 460R? It seems odd to have one 400 level topics class and to have this topic be geometry.
  4. Math 499R is a senior thesis class, but we don't have a departmental senior thesis option at present.
  5. Math 561 and 562 have Math 671 as a prerequisite.