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The following Springer Verlag texts are available free as PDFs to the BYU community and could plausibly be used as textbooks for the designated courses.

Course Title Author
Math 343 Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis Shores
Math 371 Basic Algebra Knapp
Math 387 Number Theory Fine/Rosenberger
Math 435 Financial Markets in Continuous Time Dana/Jeanblanc
Math 532 Complex Analysis Gilman/Kra/Rodriguez
Math 540 Linear Functional Analysis Rynne/Youngson
Math 541 Basic Real Analysis Knapp
Math 543 A Basic Course in Probability Theory Bhattacharya/Waymire
Math 543 Probability Theory Klenke
Math 543 Theory of Probability and Random Processes Koralov/Sinai
Math 561 Algebraic Geometry Perrin
Math 587 Problems in Analytic Number Theory Murty
Math 640 Methods of Nonlinear Analysis Drabek/Milota
Math 640 Variational Methods Struwe
Math 641 Measure Theory Bogachev
Math 671 Abstract Algebra Grillet