2018 Arches Topology Conference

In honor of Katsuya Eda's career and contributions

May 7 - 10, 2018

Plenary Speakers

Mladen Bestvina

University of Utah

Jim Cannon

Brigham Young University (emeritus)

Katsuya Eda

Waseda University


Jeremy Brazas - West Chester University

Katsuya Eda - Waseda University

Hanspeter Fischer - Ball State University

Wolfgang Herfort - Vienna University of Technology

Wolfram Hojka

Umed Karimov - Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

Vlasta Matijevic - University of Split

Mike Mihalik - Vanderbilt University

Atish Mitra - Montana Tech

Petar Pavesic - University of Ljubljana

Violeta Vasilevska - Utah Valley University

Ziga Virk - University of Ljubljana

Andreas Zastrow - University of Gdansk


The talks will be held at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center in Moab, UT


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 am Registration Matijevic Mitra Virk
9:40 am Vasilevska Pavesic Hojka Conner
10:20 am Herfort Karimov Chen Fischer
11:00 am Zastrow Mihalik Kent Brazas
  Problem Session
8:00 pm Mladen Bestvina Katsuya Eda Jim Cannon

Zastrow's literature List

Slides for Herfort’s talk

Slides for Brazas’ talk

Slides for Fischer's talk


Some funding for travel and lodging is available and a discounted rate has been negotiated at the conference hotel. For information in regards to obtaining the negotiated rate or to request funding, please contact the organizers. The target date for requesting funding is March 15, 2018.


Moab is located about a four hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, and about two hours from Grand Junction, Colorado. Commercial airlines serve Salt Lake City, Grand Junction and Moab directly. For those not flying into Moab, you can either rent a car at the airport or consider commercial van services. Some options can be found here: Road Runner Shuttle or Discover Moab/Shuttle.


If you are interested in attending or speaking at the conference, please contact the organizers.

  • Greg Conner, Brigham Young University
  • Mark Hughes, Brigham Young University
  • Curt Kent, Brigham Young University