How do I prepare?

Dr. Jarvis has written a handy guide on the best way to prepare for the ACME program.

Want to do ACME?

One way to get a head start for the coming year is to do the Python essentials labs listed below. The odd labs are for Math 345 and the even labs are for Math 321.

Python Essentials Labs

Each lab is listed with the specification file and any other necessary auxiliary files in parenthesis. The specification files give a template that your code should follow and facilitates the semi-automated grading system used.

Lab 1 – Introduction to Python (specification file not required))
Lab 2 – The Python Standard Library
Lab 3 – Introduction to NumPy
(, grid.npy)
Lab 4 – Object Oriented Programming
Lab 5 – MatplotLib
(, FARS.npy)
Lab 6 – Exceptions and File I/O

Appendices – Appendix 1-4

Lab Materials for Mathematical Analysis

All of the lab materials for Volume 1: Mathematical Analysis can be found on our public github site. Go There!