Paul Jenkins

Bletchley Park

Brigham Young University

Associate Chair, Department of Mathematics

Provo, UT 84602

Office: 282 TMCB

Phone:  801-422-5868

Fax:  801-422-0504

jenkins (at)

Research interests: number theory, including modular forms, partitions, and odd perfect numbers

BYU Number Theory Seminar

CV, Research Statement (2006)

Fall 2011 Teaching: Math 487, Math 112 (log in and select the appropriate section; syllabus available here)

Winter 2012 Teaching: Math 371

Winter 2013 Teaching: Math 687R

Fall 2013 Teaching: Math 372, Math 485

Winter 2014 Teaching: Math 587

Fall 2014 Teaching: Math 290, Math 586


Thoughts on mathematics and faith: James W. Cannon, Tyler J. Jarvis