Math 687R, Spring 2016

Homework problems

Instructor:  Paul Jenkins
Office:  282 TMCB, 801-422-5868
Lecture:  1:30-3:30 TTh, 11:00-11:50 W, 292 TMCB
Office hours:  By appointment
Textbook:  Modular forms: a classical and computational introduction, 2nd edition, L.J.P. Kilford, Imperial College Press, ISBN 978-1-78326-545-9.

Other Books:

Grading:  Homework 50%, presentations 50%.
Homework:  Homework will be due at 4:30 PM in the box outside my office on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Homework assignments will be posted on the course website. Late homework will not be accepted.  Working in groups on homework is encouraged, but each student should write up each problem, without looking at other students’ written solutions.

Due date Problems due
Friday April 29 1-6
Tuesday May 3 7-12
Friday May 6 13-18
Tuesday May 10 19-24
Friday May 13 25-30
Tuesday May 17 31-36
Friday May 20 37-42
Tuesday May 24 43-48
Friday May 27 49-54
Tuesday May 31 55-60
Friday June 3 61-66
Tuesday June 7 67-72
Friday June 10 73-78
Tuesday June 14 79-84

Here is an incomplete list of papers that would be appropriate for class presentations:

Learning Outcomes: See the Math 675R or Math 687R pages on the BYU math website.

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