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The Rocky Mountain Dynamical Systems Conference will be held at Provo, UT from June 8-11, 2015.  The talks will begin in the morning of June 8 and end around noon on June 11.

The schedule will include one hour talks, with large blocks of time allocated for discussion and collaborative work.

Funding: Funds will be available especially for graduate students, postdocs, and members of underrepresented groups.

Contact: for questions or information email: rocky15@mathematics.byu.edu


Yuri Bakhtin (Courant)
Mike Boyle (Maryland)
Leonid Bunimovich (Georgia Tech)
Francesco Cellarosi (Illinois)
Alex Grigo (Oklahoma)
Boris Kalinin (Penn State)
Kevin Mcgoff (Duke)
Rick Moeckel (Minnesota)
Gareth Roberts (Holy Cross)
Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Penn State)
Victoria Sadovskaya (Penn State)
Skyler Simmons (Brigham Young University)
Kurt Vinhage (Penn State)
Alan Veliz (Houston)
Amie Wilkinson (Chicago)
Kelly Yancey (Maryland)
Hong-kun Zhang (Houston)

Organizing Committee: Lennard Bakker (BYU), Jon Chaika (Univ. of Utah), Todd Fisher (BYU), and Ben Webb (BYU).

This meeting is supported by the NSF and Brigham Young University.