The Wasatch Topology Conference


The 20th Annual

Workshop in Geometric Topology

Park City, Utah

June 9-14

Wasatch Topology Conference Monday through Wednesday June 9 - 11, 2003.
Workshop in Geometric Topology Thursday through Saturday June 12 - 14, 2003.

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Wasatch Topology Conference

Monday, June 9
9-9:40: Danny Calegari, Caltech
Planar groups and circular groups

9:50-10:30: Jon McCammond, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Poset of Hypertrees and the - Betti Numbers of $\ell^2$-betti numbers of $P\Sigma_n$


11-11:40: John Meier, Lafayette College
Cannon Pairs

11:50-12:30: Kai-Uwe Bux, Cornell University
Thompson's Group F is Maximal Non-Convex


2-2:40 Kevin Whyte, University of Illinois at Chicago
The theory of coarse fibrations

2:50-3:30 Steve Ferry, Rutgers University
Epsilon-delta surgery over Z

3:40-4:20 Sasha Dranishnikov, University of Florida


Tuesday, June 10
9-9:40 Daniel Biss, University of Chicago
Decomposing, Out(F_n)

9:50-10:30 Jason Manning, University of California, Santa Barbara
Pseudocharacters on groups and quasi-actions on trees


11-11:40 Inna Bumagin, McGill University

11:50-12:30 Eric Swenson, Brigham Young University


2-2:40 Kim Ruane, Tufts University

2:50-3:30 Joseph Maher, Caltech
Period three actions on the 3-sphere

3:40-4:20 Tim Riley, Yale
Planar graphs, duality and filling functions for groups

Wednesday, June 11

9-9:40 Daryl Cooper, University of California, Santa Barbara
A combination theorem for Kleinian groups

9:50-10:30 Ben Klaff, University of Illinois, Chicago


11-11:40 Emina Alibegovic, University of Utah
Makanin-Razborov diagrams for limit groups

11:50-12:30 Walter Parry, Eastern Michigan University



General Interest Talks
2-2:50 Ric Ancel University of Wisconsin, A brief history of geometric topology
3-3:50 Bill Floyd Virginia Polytechnic, Shapes of tiles
4-4:50 John McCammond UC Santa Barbara, Finding parking when not commuting
5-5:50Michael Starbird University of Texas, Austin, Shallow Enticements to Deep Ideas: Bringing Mathematics to the Masses

7 pm Banquet at Yarrow Hotel

Workshop in Geometric Topology

Thursday, June 12

9-10 Martin Bridson


10:30-10:45 Bob Daverman, University of Tennessee,
Fibrator Properties of Manifolds determined by their Fundamental Groups

10:55-11:10 Eric Freden, Southern Utah University

11:20-11:35Craig Guilbault, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Compactifying Manifolds with Boundary

11:45-12:00 Frederick C. Tinsley, Colorado College
Do tame ends of manifolds have semi-stable second homotopy groups?

lunch break

1:10-1:25 Daniel Biss, University of Chicago
A core dump on the stable homology of Aut(F_n)

1:35-1:50 Inna Bumagin, McGill University
On the coherence of coherent-by-cyclic groups

2:00-2:15 Kelly Delp, UC Santa Barbara
Almost periodic flows and hyperbolic 3-manifolds

2:25-2:40 Reva Kasman, Grand Valley State University
BNS Invariants and the Initial Tree

2:50-3:05 Steve Humphries, Brigham Young University
Actions of mapping class groups on rings

Friday, June 13

9-10 Martin Bridson


10:30-10:45 Anton Kaul, Tufts University
Finite Split Extensions of Right-Angled Coxeter Groups

10:55-11:10 John Ratcliffe, Vanderbilt University
Hyperbolic 5-manifolds of finite volume

11:20-11:35 Tadek Dobrowolski Pittsburg State University
On the topology and geometry of $L_Z^2$

11:45-12:00 Andreas Zastrow Univ. of Gdansk, Poland
On the (Non-)Uniqueness of Cartesian Products of surfaces

lunch break

1:10-1:25 Hanspeter Fischer Ball State University
The fundamental groups of subsets of closed surfaces inject into their first shape groups

1:35-1:50 Julia Wilson SUNY Fredonia
The Croke and Kleiner boundaries really are distinct

2:00-2:15 Ben Woodruff Brigham Young University
On Psuedo n-manifolds

2:25-2:40 Tom Thickstun Southwest Texas State University
The 3D Resolution Conjecture: Ideas and Notions

Saturday, June 14

9-10 Martin Bridson


10:30 problem session