Mathematics Department

Stoddard, Lonette

Department Secretary

Office: 276 TMCB
Phone Number: (801) 422-2062
Fax Number: (801) 422-0504
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Lonette Stoddard Job Description

  1. Department Secretary
    1. Assist department chair
      • Take minutes at meetings (faculty meeting, Student Advisory Council, Planning Committee, etc.)
      • Maintain the chair’s calendar
      • Review email and other correspondence
      • Assist with faculty reviews
    2. Assist faculty members as needed.
    3. Class scheduler assistant
      • Maintain course schedule spreadsheets
      • Proofread the class schedules after receiving them from the department scheduler
      • Update AIM screens as needed
      • Work with the graduate coordinator to assign graduate student TAs and RAs.
      • Find evening school instructors if classes are not taught by graduate students
    4. Technical Typist
      • Type exams, research papers and books for faculty members as needed.
    5. Assist with Rank and Status procedures
      • Contact external reviewers and track their responses.
      • Help organize rank advancement portfolios and upload them to the college SharePoint site for review.
      • Prepare and count ballots for rank advancement.
    6. Assist with faculty hiring
      • Post position vacancies
      • Process clearance requests
      • Maintain files for job applicants
      • Process hiring paperwork
      • Prepare and count ballots for faculty hiring
    7. Schedule and proctor Major Field Tests for graduating seniors
    8. Make office assignments
      • Arrange for faculty and graduate student offices.
      • Schedule the visitor offices
    9. Update the department webpage as needed.
    10. Maintain the schedule for department rooms (292, 294, 297, and 301 TMCB)
    11. Process card-swipe clearances for department rooms (150, 275, 297, and 331 TMCB) as well as after-hours building access.
    12. Order textbooks and desk copies for the department.
  2. Graduate secretary
    1. Receive and track applications
    2. Schedule and proctor graduate exams
    3. Keep a spreadsheet for graduate student evaluations.
    4. Maintain information about past graduate students
    5. Act as liaison with the Office of Graduate Studies