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Math Lab

The Math Lab is located in room 155 of the TMCB. To receive help from tutors come into the Math Lab and join the queue by going to or scanning one of the many QR codes around the room.

If you have questions about accessing the Queue, or about the Math Lab in general, email the secretaries at

We are closed on all major holidays, the Saturdays of General Conference, and during the breaks between BYU Semesters.

Hours of Operation (Spring 2024)
Monday10am - 5pm
Tuesday12pm - 7pm
Wednesday10pm - 7pm
Thursday10pm - 7pm
Friday10pm - 4pm
Services Offered
Independent Study
Private Tutors
Upcoming Reviews
Class Materials
  • Services for Students 
    • Free tutoring on a semi-individual basis available Monday through Saturday (Monday through Friday in the summer).
    • Specialized review sessions prior to most math tests throughout the semester.
    • Textbooks, calculators, and whiteboard markers can be checked out for use inside the Math Lab.
    • Access to math formula handouts for general use.
    • Long daily hours to accommodate most student schedules.
    • Past exams on the website. 
    • Whiteboards in a setting ideal for group studying. 
    • A list of private tutors for students looking for individualized tutoring (on the website). 
  • Services for Math Professors
    • Test Proctoring (also provided for Stats and Math Ed professors)
    • Organization and distribution of graded assignments and exams. 
    • A site for office hours/ reviews that fosters student-teacher interactions. 
  • Services for Student Employees
    • Teaching experience in a busy but low-stress environment. 
    • Weekly training and review sessions to refresh concepts. 
    • Opportunities for leadership development.
    • Work schedules tailored to school schedules.
    • Friendly work environment. 
    • Access to a library of math textbooks and student manuals.

The Math Lab is the perfect place for help on Independent Study courses in Math 110, 112, 113, 119, 213/215, 302, 303, 314 and 334, feel free to come in whenever you have a question during our open hours.

How to Access Math Lab Help Remotely.

BYU’s Math Lab is set up to prioritize in-person help. That being said, we do help independent study students who may live out of state and understand that on campus students may occasionally get sick but still need help. For these few cases we have set up a zoom resource so that our tutors can assist you virtually.

How to access virtual help:

  • Start by sending an email to
    Subject: “Your first and last name, Class number, Help, Email/Phone/Zoom” Example: Cosmo Cougar, 112, Help, Zoom
    Body: Please as much information about the problem you would like help on as you can as well as  your preferred method of help:
    Email (request the tutors emails you back with their suggestions and help). 
    Phone (include your phone number and request the tutor calls you to explain their suggestions and help). 
    Zoom (include a link to your zoom room provided you courtesy of BYU and request that the tutor joins your zoom room so they may explain suggestions and help using interactive screens). This is the preferred method of help for tutors and typically provides the clearest explanations for students. 
  • After sending your email, you need to join the waiting list or “Queue” for help. Go to Enter your NET ID and password. Select “Math Lab”.
  • Under the “Class” field indicate that you are “Ind. Study Remote/Zoom” 
  • Fill in the information for your text book type, the chapter section and the questions number you would like help on. 
  • Select “Check me in”.
    • Once you have done that the website will let you know what place in the queue you are. This virtual queue or “line” is how we ensure fair and regular help to all of our patrons. 
  • When your placement moves to “You are being helped…” that means a tutor has selected your name from the queue and is ready to help you. 
    • During this time a tutor will move from the in person lab into the office where they can read your email and respond, call, or join the zoom meeting.

The tutor will be allotted no more than 10 minutes to assist you before returning to the in person lab. This is to keep online patrons from monopolizing the time of the tutor and burdening the employees working the in person lab. If you need additional help you are more than welcome to sign up on the queue again and you will immediately be put back into the line.

If you experience difficulty accessing this remote help please email or call the Math Lab and inform them of the issue!

Email: Or Call: 801-422-4695

Still not getting the help you need? We have an excellent group of tutors on our Private Tutoring List. This is a current list of individuals who are willing to tutor students in math. Rates and availability vary among tutors.

Math 334
Exam 2 Review
Content Covered: 3.1-8, 4.1-4
Class Sections: 1
Date: Tuesday May 28
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Room: TMCB 299
Taught by: Tyler M

Math 290
Quiz 4 Review
Content Covered: Chapters 18 - 23
Class Sections: 1
Date: Thursday May 30
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: TMCB 155A
Taught by: Becca C

Math 314
Exam 2 Review
Content Covered: 14.6-8, 15.1-4;6-9
Class Sections: 1, 2
Date: Friday May 31
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: TMCB 155A
Taught by: Laura B

Math 110

For questions about the accuracy of these resources please email

Past Exams


Math 112

For questions about the accuracy of these resources please email

Past Exams & Keys

Comprehensive QuestionsSolutions

Desmos interactive tools

Which one is the Derivative game:

Tangent Line Visual:

Estimating Slope:

Seeing Concavity and Slope:

Newton's Method Visualization:

Riemann Sum Visualization:

Math 113

For questions about the accuracy of these resources please email

Past Exams & Keys

Past Zoom Recordings 

Comprehensive Questions

Desmos interactive tools

Taylor Series Visualization:

Math 334

The order and content of this course tends to change with each instructor so we recommend that you reach out to your instructor for study materials.

Additional Resources

The Math Lab provides the following handouts for your convenience:

Also, here are some interesting math links if you are interested.

  • The Integrator — will integrate almost any ugly integral.
  •  — has a lot of good information about a lot of different kinds of mathematics.

Material for Algebra Review Sessions:



  1. Lower division tutors: Proficiency (grade of B or higher) in algebra, trigonometry, and differential and integral calculus. This includes course material in Math 110, 111, 112, and 113.  
  2. Upper division tutors: Proficiency (grade of B or higher) in basic proofs, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations. This includes material from Math 213/215, 290, 314 (or 302/303), 334 (or 302/303).  
  3. Ability to thoroughly explain both familiar and new or difficult concepts to students in understandable ways. 
  4. Flexible schedule.


  1. Assist students in the Math Lab in understanding mathematics by answering questions and explaining concepts.
  2. Attend weekly training meetings to maintain teaching and concept-based skills.
  3. Represent the Math Lab in a manner consistent with the Goals of a BYU Education and the BYU Honor Code.
  4. Teach Math Lab-hosted review sessions for selected 100 through 300-level classes.



  1. Willing/able to quickly learn Math Lab policies and procedures and carry them out.
  2. Hard working, self-motivated, and gets along well with others.
  3. Flexible schedule.


  1. Take roll and monitors Math Lab TAs.
  2. Response to phone calls, emails, and in person questions about the Math Lab. 
  3. Proctor exams on behalf of Math professors.
  4. Preform specific jobs and/or assignments to help the Math Lab run smoothly.
  5. Attend weekly training meetings.
  6. Represent the Math Lab in a manner consistent with the Goals of a BYU Education and the BYU Honor Code.

To apply, please contact:

The Math Lab Assistant
Office: 159 TMCB
* Tutors please include your resume and relevant coursework

Why do I get kicked out Mondays at 4?

In order to provide the best help we can we hold employee training meetings every Monday to train our TAs on topics they might except to see coming up that week which is why the lab is not just “closed” but unavailable to use as study space.

What if I don’t have a phone to scan the QR codes?

You can also access the queue by going to on a laptop or on the computer located by the north entrance to the lab which is available for student use.

Why do I have to sign up for one question at a time?

In order to fairly assist every student who comes in for math help we ask that students sign up for one question at a time. This ensures that each student has an equal opportunity for help. We also have to track this data for the university (which allows up to track particular problems that multiple students struggle with and other such application).

Why don’t the reviews cover exactly what is on my test?

Math professors do not share a copy of their exams with our tutors. We do our best to prepare you for your exams but without being able to view the test it may not always be perfectly in line.

What happens if a tutor has to leave me mid problem?

The tutors are instructed to find you another tutor to finish helping. If no tutor is available when yours leave, please be prepared to sign up on the queue again and someone will get to you as soon as possible.

Where are the desks/tables?

We have asked for an order of tables and will hopefully have them sometime in the future. (We aren’t a huge fan of the wheelie desks either)

I need answers about the layout of my class, can the Math Lab help me?

Our secretaries are trained to help you receive assistance in the lab, we do not have access to your grades, test scores or TA information. You will have to reach out to your professor or teaching assistant for that.

How can I find out about reviews?

The Math Lab is always working to improve its outreach and functionality. We are now posting paper copies of the review information at both the front and back of the lab, color coordinated to the class number. Review information is also being posted on our website and emailed to the professor and students. There are plenty of resources that can be used to find review information. Make sure to write it down somewhere when you find it so you don’t forget!