Integration Bee Results

Stakes were high as students from BYU and UVU competed to win the Integration Bee on March 8th.  Similar to a spelling bee, the Integration Bee was a competition in which students tested their problem-solving abilities by solving integrals within a set time limit.
The Integration Bee began with over 30 students, but within just a couple hours was down to the final nine.  Pressure mounted as students were eliminated one-by-one, but friends and family cheering from the back of the room kept the mood of the competition light-hearted and fun.
The final nine competitors in the 2013 BYU Integration Bee were as follows:
1st Place: Yifeng Xu (BYU)
2nd Place: Michelle Millerberg (BYU)
3rd Place: Matthew Beesley (BYU)
4th Place: Victoria Kala (UVU)
5th Place: John Bennett (BYU)
6th Place: Joseph Ward (BYU)
7th Place: Hiram Golze (BYU)
8th Place: Sam Dittmer (BYU)
9th Place: Michael Gundlach (BYU)
This tradition has been a great opportunity for students who love math to get together and participate in some friendly competition. Thank you to all the students who participated, and also the faculty who were willing to help out.  We will be looking forward to another competition next year.