Date Last Updated: 3/20/23

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  • Year-round: Math 112, 113, 213, 314
  • Fall, Winter, Spring: Math 290
  • Fall, Winter, Summer: Math 352
  • Fall Only: Math 320, 344, 402, 410, 413, 436, 450, 473
  • Winter Only: Math 322, 346, 380, 404, 411, 425, 438, 451, 487
  • Works with the professor and class TAs to grade assignments and input grades to BYU Learning Suite.

Starts at $13
Status: Open
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Teaching Assistant

Works with Math 302, Math 303, Math 341, Math 342, Math 371, and Math 372.

  • Attends class 
  • Carries out other assignments (such as holding office hours, conducting help sessions, attending training sessions, helping with class demos, etc.) at the direction of the professor.

Starts at $14
Status: Open
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Research Assistant

Can work with any available professor. Please discuss research opportunities with faculty before applying here.

Starts at $14
Status: Open
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Department Student Secretary

  • Clerical and receptionist work (answering phones, filing, copying, reserving rooms, etc.)
  • Independent Study assistance for math classes
  • Mail (sorting, sending, making express mail orders, etc.)
  • Order supplies 
  • Photocopying, helping with exam preparation and distribution
  • Take exams to the Testing Center
  • Must have regular and consistent attendance at scheduled shifts

Status: Closed
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Student Accountant

The student accountant for the mathematics department is primarily responsible to monitor department and faculty budgets and spending. 

  • Maintains up-to-date and accurate financial spreadsheets
  • Creates Journal Entries and Budget Adjustments to correct errors as necessary
  • Reconces purchases as they are made by department personnel
  • Pays honoraria to visiting professors, invoices received, and reimbursements to students/faculty as necessary
  • Updates department account codes regularly
  • Holds monthly budget meetings with the Department Controller and Department Chairs
  • Assists the Department Controller in any other capacity

Status: Closed
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Student Events Assistant

  • Helps coordinate and manage all department events (University, College, Department, Community)
  • Creates and maintains events budget 
  • Maintains event database of information
  • Acts as an event liaison between suppliers, caterers, and community businesses
  • Tracks data for annual department report

Status: Closed
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Graphic Designer

  • Designs and develops BYU Math Department websites and print materials meeting the needs of Math department faculty and administration
  • Responsible for overall visual presence of the BYU Mathematics Department, both on and off campus
  • Maintains department websites
  • Creates digital slides for department digital signage
  • Assists departmental IT in supporting department and lab computers
  • Designs, develops, and administers web sites using Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Assists in any project that arises regarding web development and graphic design needs
  • Tracks any data for annual department report

Starts at $15
Status: Closed
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Math Lab Secretary

  • Takes roll and monitors Math Lab TAs
  • Responds to phone calls, emails, and in person questions about the Math Lab 
  • Proctors exams on behalf of Math professors
  • Performs specific jobs and/or assignments to help the Math Lab run smoothly
  • Attends weekly training meetings
  • Represents the Math Lab in a manner consistent with the Goals of a BYU Education and the BYU Honor Code

Starts at $13
Status: Open
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Math Lab Teaching Assistant

  • Assists students in the Math Lab in understanding mathematics by answering questions and explaining concepts
  • Attends weekly training meetings to maintain teaching and concept-based skills
  • Represents the Math Lab in a manner consistent with the Goals of a BYU Education and the BYU Honor Code
  • Teaches Math Lab-hosted review sessions for selected 100 through 300-level classes

Starts at $13
Status: Open
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Student Web Designer

  • Conceptualizes creative ideas
  • Tests and improves the design of the website
  • Establishes design guidelines, standards, and best practices
  • Maintains the appearance of websites by enforcing content standards
  • Designs visual imagery for websites
  • Works with different content management systems
  • Communicates design ideas using user flows, process flows, site maps, and wireframes
  • Incorporates functionalities and features into websites
  • Prepares design plans and presents the website structure

Starts at $16-20 based on experience
Status: Open
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Student Travel Secretary 

  • Makes all travel arrangements for faculty members or approved students when they travel for conferences, research, etc.
  • Makes all travel arrangements for visiting professors, coming to give talks, seminars, etc.
  • Processes Expense Reports for travel/business purposes for any visitors, faculty members, or students
  • Schedules the department apartment for any guests, as well as scheduling secretaries to clean the apartment

Status: Closed
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