Online Math Lab Help

Due to BYU’s blended class schedule and social distancing policies, regarding class attendance, we will be offering math help through the online queue system in addition to our in person queue.

Here are instructions for how to receive help through the online system:

  1. If you are in Math 110, 111, 112, 113, or 116 go to the zoom call with the meeting ID: 969 8499 5834 and passcode: BYUmath
  2. If you are in Math 213, 290, 302, 303, 314 or 334 go to the zoom call with the meeting ID: 910 1902 9305 and passcode: BYUmath
  3. When you enter the zoom meeting there will be instructions posted. 
  4. You will be added to a breakout room by the secretaries where you will be helped by a tutor as soon as one is available. 
  5. When you finish leave the breakout room and join the main meeting room to sign up again for more help.

In Person Math Lab Help

The Math Lab is no longer in room 159 TMCB. Instead, tutors will be in room 121 of the TMCB to help with Math 110, 111, 112, 113, 116, and 118, and room 135 to help with Math 213, 290, 302, 303, 314, and 334. To receive help through the in person lab, go to and sign up through the “Math Lab” section.

Hours & Location

The Math Lab is no longer in room 159 of the TMCB. To receive help from tutors sign up at or on the Math Lab Zoom workspace. The secretary office and test proctoring area are available by appointment only.  Call (801) 422-4695 for more info.

We are closed on all major holidays, the Saturdays of General Conference, and during the breaks between BYU Semesters.

Hours of Operation

Online and In Person Queue

Spring Term

Monday 10 am – 5 pm
Tuesday  12 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 7 pm
 Thursday 10 am – 7 pm
 Friday 10 am – 4 pm
 Saturday Closed

Independent Study

The Math Lab is the perfect place for help on Independent Study courses in Math 97, 110, 112, 113, 119, 213, and 334, as follows:

  • By phone to 801-422-4695:  A secretary in the Math Lab will quickly get you in contact with a tutor on duty, and the tutor will assist you on the phone and via web cam on the internet, as necessary.
  • Sign up on for in person tutoring or through our zoom queue for online help. Feel free to come in whenever you have a question during our open hours. If you have questions about accessing either queue call the secretaries at 801-422-4695.

Still not getting the help you need? We have an excellent group of tutors on our Private Tutoring List. (See below)

Private Tutor List

The Math Lab provides a current list of individuals who are willing to tutor students in math. Rates and availability vary among tutors.

Private Tutoring List



Because all of the reviews are now online we will be posting recordings of the reviews here as well as continuing to post announcements for upcoming reviews.
Review Recordings:
Math 112 sections 1 and 3
Thursday, May 27th
6:30 AM – 8:30 PM
Meeting ID: 987 7956 1954
Taught by Nate Anderson
Math 110 sections 1 and 2
Tuesday, May 18th
Taught by Nate Haskell
Math 112 sections 1 and 3
Math 110 sections 1 and 2
Monday, May 10th
Taught by Matt Dunn
Access Passcode: w%sYgB1i
Math 113 section 1
Saturday, May 8th
Taught by Dahlia Maxwell
Math 112 sections 1 and 3
Tuesday, May 4th
Taught by Matt Dunn
Upcoming Reviews:
Math 112 section 2
Saturday, May 15th
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Meeting ID: 926 6567 0474
Taught by Nate Anderson
Math 113 section 2
Wednesday, May 26th
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Zoom Link: ID: 930 5625 8471
Passcode: BYUmath
Taught by Nate Haskell

Math 314 Sample Problem Sets:


Example Test 1:

Example Test 1 Key:

Example Test 2:

Example Test 2 Key:

Example Test 3:

Example Test 3 Key:

Math 118

Simplex Method rules

For exam review materials, visit:

BYU Math Previous Exams


The Math Lab provides the following handout for your convenience:

Also, here are some interesting math links if you are interested.

  • The Integrator — will integrate almost any ugly integral.
  •  — has a lot of good information about a lot of different kinds of mathematics.

The Math Lab provides the following material for the Algebra Review Sessions:


When we are hiring, we will post our openings on BYU Job Services

Math Lab Tutor


  1. Lower division tutors: Proficiency in algebra, trigonometry, and differential and integral calculus. This includes course material in Math 110, 111, 112, 113, 116, and 118.  Skills are assessed by an exam proctored by the Math Lab secretaries.  The test covers Algebra, Trigonometry,  Calculus, and Analysis.
  2. Upper division tutors: Proficiency in basic proofs, multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations. This includes material from Math 302, 303, 313 (now 213), 314, or 334.  Skills are assessed by both the lower division exam (described above) and an upper division exam proctored by the Math Lab secretaries.
  3. Ability to thoroughly explain both familiar and new or difficult concepts to students in understandable ways. (No “it is intuitively obvious” or “by inspection”.)
  4. Flexible schedule.
  5. Bring a copy of your resume to the Math Lab or email it to and

Review sheets for the application exams can be found here:

118 Division

Lower Division

Upper Division

The tests may be taken anytime during normal Math Lab hours.  Allow about two hours for each exam.


  1. Assist students in the Math Lab in understanding mathematics by answering questions and explaining concepts.
  2. Attend weekly training meetings to maintain teaching and concept-based skills.
  3. Represent the Math Lab in a manner consistent with the Goals of a BYU Education and the BYU Honor Code.
  4. Teach Math Lab-hosted review sessions for selected 100- or 300-level classes.


When we are hiring, we will post our openings on BYU Job Services.

For questions regarding employment, please contact:

Jackie Robertson

162 TMCB



Math Lab Office