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ACME - Applied & Computational Mathematics Emphasis

A New Emphasis Offered by the Department of Mathematics

Starting in Fall 2013, the Department of Mathematics began offering the Applied & Computational Mathematics Emphasis (ACME). This emphasis enables students to be better prepared to use their math skills in a way that can be applied to real-world problems.

The new curriculum consists of taking eight credits per semester of advanced undergraduate coursework in mathematics, statistics, and computation. In addition, students will fulfill a concentration in a discipline to which mathematics may be applied. Examples include economics, finance, operations research, actuarial science, physics, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, business analytics, biostatistics, and several areas in engineering.

Students will be admitted into the two-year core curriculum at the beginning of their junior year, so interested undergraduates are encouraged to prepare early by taking all the required prerequisites during their freshman or sophomore year (Math 290, Math 313, Math 314, Math 334, Math 341).

One of the greatest advantages this new emphasis offers to students is the ability to expand their skillset. Students will learn computer programming, relational databases, numerical simulation, and scientific visualization. Whether students want to attend graduate school in math (or a math-related discipline) or go directly into Industry; this program will provide the tools students need to distinguish themselves and be successful.

Enrollment is not limited, but it is first come, first served as only 40 students can fit in a classroom.

Students interested in learning more about the ACME program may send an email to or call at 801.422.7936.

Students may declare the emphasis at the same time as they declare mathematics as a major in the College Advisement Center (N-181 ESC).

Visit for the official Applied and Computational Mathematics emphasis website.