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Faculty/Cardon, David 01.jpg

David Cardon

Permanent Faculty

Office: 218 TMCB

Office Hours: 

Class Schedule: Introduction to Complex Analysis, MWF, 12:00-1:50, TMCB 116

Research Interests: Analytic Number Theory, Complex Analysis

Degrees: Brigham Young University, BS in Mathematics (1990), BS in Physics (1990), Stanford University, MS in Mathematics (1993), PhD in Mathematics (1996)

Prizes and Awards:

  1. The Distinguished Teaching Award sponsored by the Savage Foundation in November 2011


  1. The Jordan canonical form for a class of zero–one matrices, Linear Algebra and its Applications. 435 (2011), 2942-2954.
  2. Nonnegative minors of minor matrices, (2010), 1-16.
  3. Matrices related to Dirichlet series, Journal of Number Theory, 130(1) (2010), 27-39.
  4. Extended Laguerre inequalities and a criterion for real zeros, Proceedings of the 7th International ISAAC Congress Imperial College London, UK, (2009), 143-149.